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Every company, apartment building, or school can save

Business managers, manufacturing plants, and mayors can make a basic assessment anonymously with our online tool and find out where their operation lacks in terms of efficiency and consumption. The calculator can immediately reveal potential for improvement in energy processes and costs.

The savings for a shopping center can reach tens of millions of crowns, and for a school, it could be hundreds of thousands of crowns annually. How about you?

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Steps Towards Your Savings

Czech company FLOWBOX has over 300 installation of its autonomous tool for advanced energy management. From clients' experience, we know that the biggest barrier to savings is the opacity of the current state and all the possibilities of managing energy flows. We will guide you through the entire process, from developing an energy concept, through the realization of savings strategies, to continuous management.

FLOWBOX Advisory

We will evaluate your current situation. We will create an energy concept for you and implement cost-saving strategies. We will propose optimization of your fixed costs and how to establish your energy independence. You will receive a financial plan including opportunities for grants.

FLOWBOX Software

All the technologies that produce and consume energy, be it electricity, gas, water or heat are integrated into one environment in the FLOWBOX platform. Therefore, their orchestration and thus perfect utilization is assured. In its highest form, FLOWBOX takes care of autonomous operations of the entire ecosystem as it reacts to data inputs from external sources, such as weather forecasts, production capacity of a PV plant or the energy SPOT price.

FLOWBOX Management

We will take care of the energy management of your building, factory, or entire municipality. We will provide you with the complete management of technologies, the FLOWBOX platform, and other energy management tools.

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