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Are you managing your energy well?

Most companies in the Czech Republic are unaware of all the possibilities for managing energy flows and how to manage energy efficiently. As a result, they unnecessarily overpay significant amounts for energy.

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The calculator shows
your energy proficiency

Energy management is a multidisciplinary field that increasingly requires sophisticated data and analysis. The energy calculator can show you your level of energy proficiency within 15 minutes and how much you could potentially save on energy annually. Check how well you navigate the energy jungle and the potential of your building, operation, or even your entire town or city.

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annual spending on energy

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potential savings with FLOWBOX

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The path to proper energy management involves the following questions:

How are you doing in terms of gathering data about your consumption?

We will find out how well you have mapped the structure of your sub-metering, how you evaluate the consumption of individual metered entities and how you work with the data further.

How successful are you in understanding
and automatically analyzing the collected data?

Data understanding is one of the important areas of your energy maturity. We will look at whether you use automatic reporting or aggregated information views on the status of your technologies or a notification system.

To what extent do you use strategic
 approaches to optimize energy consumption?

How far you are in the area of optimization will tell us how effectively you plan, whether you use subsidy programs, how you work with ESG or whether you are involved in the community energy system.

How much do you utilize automation in consumption management and efficiency?

How the control subsystems work in your building, how you control them and whether you use external data for control - these are the areas that will tell us how far you are with the automation of consumption control.

Every company, apartment building, or school can save

Business managers, manufacturing plants, and mayors can make a basic assessment anonymously with our online tool and find out where their operation lacks in terms of efficiency and consumption. The calculator can immediately reveal potential for improvement in energy processes and costs.

The savings for a shopping center can reach tens of millions of crowns, and for a school, it could be hundreds of thousands of crowns annually. How about you?

A tablet displaying the energy score calculator


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How does it work

The FLOWBOX Energy Maturity Calculator with estimated possible savings is divided into 4 parts - measurement, analysis, optimization and automatic control. You will receive your score for each part and if you fill in the total annual energy costs, you will get an estimate of the annual savings.

Will the results be published?

No, the results will be sent to you in PDF format to the e-mail address provided and will not be published anywhere else.

How quickly will I get the results?

Within a few minutes after completing the FLOWBOX Energy Maturity Calculator.

I have trouble understanding the results, can you help me?

If you would like to have your results interpreted by an expert from the FLOWBOX team, write to us at score@flowbox.com and we will give you individual attention.

Does filling in the calculator commit me to cooperate with FLOWBOX?

No, the Energy Maturity Calculator is an online tool that is free of charge and does not commit you to any cooperation with FLOWBOX.

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