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Energy management & optimization software (EMOS)

Having the right tools available is crucial to executing your energy strategy. This is FLOWBOX EMOS, which allows you to measure, proactively manage and optimize the flow of all energy and commodities. The resulting optimization and savings achieved are not only related to energy costs, but also to the amount of CO2 produced, which contributes to overall sustainability. FLOWBOX EMOS is also a perfect source of data for ESG reporting or certification and ISO 50001 management.

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New way to save the costs and increase efficiency

The path from a volatile to an optimal state, leading to cost reduction and increased efficiency, involves measuring and detailed analytics, then managing and automating your energy management processes.

FLOWBOX EMOS (Energy Management Operating System) can integrate all energy sources, including renewable ones like wind turbines and solar panels. Sensors send data to FLOWBOX, which intelligently controls and optimizes processes based on the received information and predictions, aiming for the most efficient use of energy and reduction of consumption.

Why to choose FLOWBOX

Autonomous Umbrella System​

FLOWBOX is an autonomous platform that serves as an umbrella system for orchestrating the entire energy ecosystem. Connect all your energy subsystems to it and benefit from control from one central point.

Advanced Automation​

Advanced automation algorithms and AI features enable control of even the most complex scenarios and work with external data such as energy prices, weather forecasts for perfect use of renewable resources.

Energy &​ Commodities​

Not only electric energy, but also other commodities such as gas, water, heat, special technical gases, wastewater and others.

Ready for ​ESG & OEE​

If your company reports ESG or monitors its efficiency using OEE systems, FLOWBOX can be easily integrated as a data source.

Cloud Based​ /SaaS​/ Advanced ​Security​

FLOWBOX can be operated both in the Cloud and as an On-premise solution in the customer's infrastructure for higher security.

Hardware​ Agnostic​

FLOWBOX software can work with any hardware that is capable of providing online data, often no special hardware needs to be installed.

Modular & Scalable​

FLOWBOX is a modular platform that allows you to start with the very basics and then infinitely expand according to your needs.

AI & ML​ Powered​

For control algorithms, we are increasingly using elements of ML and AI for even greater efficiency and autonomy.

Implementation of FLOWBOX EMOS into your building

Take a look at what the implementation of the FLOWBOX EMOS solution into your building could look like in 4 steps. From the initial assessment, through the technical inspection, to the launch, training, and ongoing energy management.

1. Initial consultation and assessment

We will determine how high your Energy Intelligence is, where your greatest pains and potential for improvement and savings lie. We will propose your next steps.

2. Technical inspection

We will walk through your operations or building, map your existing meters and technology. We will create a proposal for a solution and a price offer.

The solution proposal consists of measurement and management. For measurement, we will either connect to your existing meters or supplement them with smart components, and when it's not suitable, we will suggest replacing them with smart/online meters.

Management is the software license of our EMOS tool and its configuration to control and optimize energy flows based on the data we receive from the operations.

3. Launch / training and tuning

We will create basic dashboards and settings, train you, and tune the system behavior to respect your operations, but at the same time, all your technologies work far more efficiently. For example, if sunny weather is expected, you won't unnecessarily heat the entire building in the morning, we will monitor the quarter-hour maximum so you don't pay unnecessary penalties, nor have expensive overdimensioned insurance and reserved capacity.

4. Ongoing management

We will become your external energy manager, who will compile a report for you once a month, from which you will learn what could be improved and what steps need to be taken to do so.

How does it work in practice?

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"The entire energy operation of our company has become significantly more efficient and is now completely autonomous thanks to the implementation of the system.”

Ing. Martin Baumruk

Owner of Baumruk & Baumruk

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"FLOWBOX simplified our daily work. It has enabled us to implement ISO50001 and thus eliminate the need for expensive and difficult energy audits.”

Jiří Pajer

CEO of Gramex Ltd.

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"Complex monitoring of all energy flows enable a deep understanding of our daily operations and CO2 emissions"

Daniel Korber

Energy Manager

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"With FLOWBOX, we have our energy management under total control and thus are able to achieve our savings goals"

Milan Maxim

Technical Manager

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Portfolio-wide deployment to the EMEIA region

Baumruk factory logo
FLOWBOX as a complex BMS solution in the HQ buildings of Česká Spořitelna

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Innovative Solutions in healthcare technology

Baumruk factory logo
"Our primary school saves approximately 50% on energy consumption every year."

Ing. Ivan Radosta


Every company, apartment building, or school can save

Business managers, manufacturing plants, and mayors can make a basic assessment anonymously with our online tool and find out where their operation lacks in terms of efficiency and consumption. The calculator can immediately reveal potential for improvement in energy processes and costs.

The savings for a shopping center can reach tens of millions of crowns, and for a school, it could be hundreds of thousands of crowns annually. How about you?

A tablet displaying the energy score calculator

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