Save up to 50 % of your energy.

The fastest way to savings and efficiency lies in the perfect utilization of resources.
Our set of tools allow you to see your energy and commodities in context and to utilize your resources more efficiently.

Stovky technologií od různých výrobců jsou propojeny jedním řídícím systémem Flowbox.

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Management and optimization tool

After implementing monitoring levels and subsequent control algorithms, the FLOWBOX platform can autonomously manage your technology based on both internal and external data inputs.
We achieve perfect operational efficiency for your operations or your building.

Flowbox Software interface across multiple devices, modern technology optimization and integration
Mockup of opened computer with flowbox software on the screen
Flowbox Software interface, modern electricity, graph
Flowbox Software interface, ESG, graphs

Zefektivňuje váš provoz

Díky propojení technologií do jednoho prostředí získáváte dokonalý přehled nad chodem vašeho objektu. Kromě monitoringu energií dokáže Flowbox monitorovat i chod jednotlivých technologií. Následně umožňuje i komplexní  řídící funkce a autonomní provoz.

Všechny funkce

Snižuje provozní

Flowbox kontinuálně snižuje provozní náklady díky pokročilé automatizaci.

Prodlužuje životnost technologií

Systém automaticky detekuje přepětí a dokáže reagovat automaticky na problémy.

Eliminuje lidskou chybovost

Flowbox dokáže eliminovat finančně náročné lidské chyby.

Snižuje uhlíkovou

Systém automaticky řídí energetickou činnost a efektivně snižuje uhlíkovou stopu.

Zvyšuje bezpečnost

Flowbox zvyšuje bezpěcnost na pracovišti díky automatizaci a eliminaci lidských chyb.

Zvyšuje kvalitu

Flowbox dokáže zvýšit kvalitu prostředí skrze monitoring teploty  a CO2 na pracovišti.


We have a solution for your segment

FLOWBOX tools can be applied to various types of objects, buildings or entire communities and cities.

A low-angle view of towering skyscrapers against a blue sky with light clouds. The buildings have a reflective glass facade, with interior lights visible in some offices, creating a pattern against the twilight sky.


From office buildings, residences, logistic parks to shopping centers.

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An industrial scene captured at twilight, highlighting the gritty textures of metal structures and machinery. The dim light casts a warm glow on the metallic surfaces, and a large hook from a crane suggests heavy industrial activity, with an air of quietude in the absence of visible workers.


FLOWBOX can manage operations in food processing, heavy engineering, small-scale production, even large manufacturing plants.

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A breathtaking cityscape at dusk, with a dense cluster of skyscrapers and a prominent tower soaring above the rest. The sky is painted with hues of orange and pink, and the city is crisscrossed by intricate highways and overpasses, illustrating a bustling metropolis.


Smart cities and municipalities controlled by FLOWBOX will make life more enjoyable and sustainable for their residents.

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An aerial view of a wind farm with several turbines in the middle of agricultural fields. The closest wind turbine's blade is prominently featured in the foreground, giving a sense of scale and motion against the patchwork of brown and green fields below.

Energy Sector

FLOWBOX integrates PVs, electric vehicle charging stations and battery storages for the sake of modern local energy.

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FLOWBOX for sustainability and ESG

Energy management platform from FLOWBOX enables significant reduction of the CO2 emissions. Whether you target energy & commodity optimization, decarbonization, or you are planning and meeting specific ESG criteria, we have you covered. FLOWBOX will help you to set a strategy, implement necessary tools and manage the entire ecosystem with the ultimate goal of maximum efficiency and minimal carbon footprint.

FLOWBOX saves energy,
operating costs and our planet.
A river running through forest in mountains with direct sun
cloud of problems clients face regarding energy

FLOWBOX has experience, functional tools and
can advise you

We hear from our customers that expensive energy is a threat to their business or that the whole energy sector is an incomprehensible jungle. The FLOWBOX team is here to guide you out of the energy jungle. With our dedicated energy management tool, we'll uncover where you're being inefficient, using data in one place to help you make the most of your resources and manage your energy.

I want advice on energy

Client references

Look inside of Baumruk & Baumruk factory
Baumruk factory logo
"The entire energy operation of our company has become significantly more efficient and is now completely autonomous thanks to the implementation of the system.”

Ing. Martin Baumruk

Owner of Baumruk & Baumruk

Gramex Factory, aerieal view
Gramex Logo
"FLOWBOX has made life easier for many of us at the company. It has enabled us to introduce ISO50001 and thus eliminate the need for expensive energy audits.”

Jiří Pajer

CEO of Gramex Ltd.

Valenta ZT factory from aerial view
Valentra ZT Logo
"Effective management in FLOWBOX is supported by extensive data collection and outputs, something we didn't have access to before.”

Štěpán Valenta

Managing Director of Valenta ZT Ltd.

Gramex Factory, aerieal view
Gramex Logo
"FLOWBOX has brought continuous oversight over machine utilization in our production and introduced a system of preventive maintenance that helps us eliminate production downtime.”

Jiří Pajer

CEO of Gramex Ltd.

Photo of castle from below in Zruč nad Sázavou
Logo Zruč nad Sázavou
"Monitoring and managing energies in our educational facilities has become more obvious, more efficient, and has led to savings thanks to the FLOWBOX system.”

Mgr. Martin Hujer

Mayor of Zruč nad Sázavou

Save on energy today!

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced operator within the energy jungle, we can help you to find your way to further savings and efficiency.

Two workers in a control room monitoring data on computer screens. They are wearing white safety helmets and work attire, suggesting a setting that requires safety gear, such as a factory or power plant. The focus is on the man in the foreground, who is intently observing the data on the monitors, with two colleagues discussing something in the background. The room is illuminated by the glow of the screens, which display graphs and tables.


Provedeme vás energetikou. Zpracujeme vám energetický audit a navrhneme úsporná řešení.

Flowbox Software interface across multiple devices, modern technology optimization and integration


Řešení pro energetický management, digitalizaci průmyslu, budov a měst. Zefektivníme váš provoz.

Two professionals in a manufacturing or industrial setting. A man and a woman, both wearing orange safety helmets, are looking at a laptop screen together. The man, in a dark suit, is pointing at the screen, explaining something to the woman, who is holding the laptop and wearing a white blouse and jeans. They appear engaged in their work with machinery in the background.


Postaráme se o energy management vašeho provozu nebo budov.


We ensure efficient and sustainable
operations. Since 2012.

In 2012, Petr Vaněk used his experience with technologies in a project focused on streamlining production operations. Therefore, FLOWBOX was born. One of the first industrial facilities to integrate FLOWBOX software was a Czech engineering company BAUMRUK & BAUMRUK. Thanks to autonomous management, they achieve significant energy savings and also have a clear overview of the entire production from the perspective of safety and regular daily operation.

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years of experience

1 000+

unique devices supported

This image displays a stylized map representing locations where Flowbox operates, highlighted with small cyan light dots on a dark background. The map outline vaguely suggests a world map with an emphasis on certain areas.

Steps Towards Your Savings

Czech company FLOWBOX has over 300 installation of its autonomous tool for advanced energy management. From clients' experience, we know that the biggest barrier to savings is the opacity of the current state and all the possibilities of managing energy flows. We will guide you through the entire process, from developing an energy concept, through the realization of savings strategies, to continuous management.

FLOWBOX Advisory

We will evaluate your current situation. We will create an energy concept for you and implement cost-saving strategies. We will propose optimization of your fixed costs and how to establish your energy independence. You will receive a financial plan including opportunities for grants.

FLOWBOX Software

All the technologies that produce and consume energy, be it electricity, gas, water or heat are integrated into one environment in the FLOWBOX platform. Therefore, their orchestration and thus perfect utilization is assured. In its highest form, FLOWBOX takes care of autonomous operations of the entire ecosystem as it reacts to data inputs from external sources, such as weather forecasts, production capacity of a PV plant or the energy SPOT price.

FLOWBOX Management

We will take care of the energy management of your building, factory, or entire municipality. We will provide you with the complete management of technologies, the FLOWBOX platform, and other energy management tools.

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