FLOWBOX Energy Management

We will help you easily manage your energy strategy based on data

Efficient management of an energy strategy is not easily achievable without continuous monitoring, ongoing optimization, and ideally automatic control. Regardless of whether you use a third-party EMOS or FLOWBOX EMOS, our energy management solution, along with you, will act as a daily expert in energy, ensuring perfect utilization of your tools and energy resources. The result is a clear map of inefficiencies, their ongoing quantification, and direct measurement of the impacts of applied corrective measures.

Two engineers monitoring electricity plant form a control room

A modular system for the development of continuous optimization

The Flowbox energy platform enables the scope of deployment to be comfortably developed in a modular manner, exactly according to how customers' needs deepen and expand.

Automatic control of technologies and energy use

A key functionality that allows for maximizing energy work efficiency is the fully automated control of technological elements and supply and consumption processes. The algorithmization of control can be flexibly adjusted on an ongoing basis, according to the needs of the customer or, for example, in response to market or legislative changes.

Remote dispatching portal

All information is available using an intelligent surveillance portal accessible via a web interface or a mobile phone application. The range of information can be comfortably adjusted to the user's specific role.

Continuous automatic detection of non-standard consumption patterns

Smart tools in the platform enable setting up an automatic continuous system for calculating inefficient consumption for each parameter in an optimal way (by monitoring trends, comparing reference periods, automatically calculated smart expected consumption curve, benchmarking, etc.).

Expert support for setting and evaluating efficiency

We have launched an external expert support program for our customers. We help our clients set up individual tools, but also evaluate the results obtained. Then, the use of the entire solution is very clear and fast for our customers, even in the most sophisticated form.

Automated intelligent reporting and notifications

The system regularly creates user-defined reports, including automatic evaluation of parameters (static) of consumption efficiency, etc. Also, when the surveillance module recognizes a significant (dynamic) deviation from expected consumption, it can create structured alerts / online reports in addition to display in the portal.

Measurement and evaluation of the impacts of efficiency measures

The output from the energy management module is a clear map of individual inefficiencies, which our customers then use to prioritize their own efficiency measures. The system can perform data simulation before implementing measures, after implementation, it is possible to measure and evaluate their impact.

Every company, apartment building, or school can save

Business managers, manufacturing plants, and mayors can make a basic assessment anonymously with our online tool and find out where their operation lacks in terms of efficiency and consumption. The calculator can immediately reveal potential for improvement in energy processes and costs.

The savings for a shopping center can reach tens of millions of crowns, and for a school, it could be hundreds of thousands of crowns annually. How about you?

A tablet displaying the energy score calculator

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