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We'll guide you through the energy transition

We will guide you through the transition to new energy forms, focusing on sustainability, innovation, and the digitization of processes. Our goal is to help you not only to reduce energy consumption but also to maximize the use of new technologies for your own energy production and improve energy efficiency. Together, we will open doors to the future of energy.

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Energy audit
and energy savings assessment

We assess your current energy management, identify potential for savings and propose measures to reduce energy consumption and energy costs. We will evaluate your current fixed and operating costs. We will focus on savings as well as opportunities for self-generation and increased energy self-sufficiency.

Energy Concept

Based on your priorities and the energy audit, we will propose an energy concept for the next period. Is your priority to reduce energy costs, increase energy self-sufficiency or minimise your carbon footprint? Each energy concept is individual and together we will develop a plan that will add the most value for you.

Energy Management

We will design and implement energy management with an emphasis on efficiency and flexibility. The rules and measures you set up will consistently deliver energy savings. Thanks to digitalization, you will get a comfortable solution that you can further develop for other company processes and take advantage of the benefits of decentralized energy.

Energy communities
and community energy

Do you want to become a professional participant in the energy market or create an energy community? Do you want to reap the benefits of community energy? We will work with you to design and create an energy community using the principles of sustainability, participation and energy sharing. We will ensure the design and implementation of technical operation and management.

and charging infrastructure

We support your transition to zero-emission mobility. We will design the optimal charging infrastructure solution and provide energy and operational management for charging your fleet of vehicles. With our solution, you will be in control of your fleet charging at company charging points and at your employees' homes.


Do you need to understand the new energy landscape or increase energy competence in your employees? We have training for corporate energy managers and an energy workshop for management.

Feasibility studies

Energy projects are typically complex and highly sensitive to the cost of energy. We will prepare for you an assessment of the feasibility and economic parameters of your investment. To minimize risks, we analyze all operational aspects of the project and propose the optimal solution.

Subsidies and financing

A range of financial support is available to support the energy transition. We will therefore propose and secure subsidy support for your energy and digitalization projects.

The future of energy is linked to a range of new technologies

We will design and provide operational management of your PV plant, battery storage or electrolyser and with our solution you can enter the field of energy flexibility aggregation.

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We will assess your current situation. We will create an energy concept for you and implement cost-saving measures. We will propose how to optimize fixed costs and how to establish energy independence. You will receive a financial plan including opportunities for grants.

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