About us

We are the Czech company FLOWBOX, which has been developing a unique software platform for autonomous energy management since 2012 and has been providing consultancy and energy audits since 2024. Our software, FLOWBOX, integrates all technologies that produce and consume energy—whether electricity, gas, water, heat, or specialty gases—into one environment and ensures their orchestration for optimal utilization. FLOWBOX operates in industries, real estate, and in the field of smart cities and community energy both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Our Mission

We believe that we can help industries, buildings, and cities optimize their operations while sustainably utilizing natural resources and people's time.

"We are convinced that the only truly clean energy is the energy that is not produced."


In 2012, Petr Vaněk (then Head of R&D at T-Mobile CE) decided to digitalize the technologies in his home, long before smart-home solutions became a market standard. The excellent functionality of his prototype convinced him that the potential of this solution far exceeded the relatively simple challenges of family homes. He soon began collaborating with his first industrial clients, including the company Baumruk & Baumruk led by Martin Baumruk. Visionary companies like Baumruk & Baumruk helped Petr Vaněk continuously expand and technologically advance FLOWBOX. Not long after, his co-founder Tomáš Macák joined him, and together they managed to build a strong team and expand the platform into additional segments. Over the years, FLOWBOX began to make its mark in the Real Estate and Smart Cities segments.

In 2018, the current director and owner, Tomáš Rendla, joined Petr and Tomáš, quickly accelerating the business side of the company and helping it reach a global scale. In the following years, FLOWBOX continued to grow, for instance, in 2022, FLOWBOX recorded a fourfold increase in revenue and by then had already completed over two hundred installations in industrial, administrative, and commercial buildings (companies in automotive, glassmaking, metallurgy, HealthTech, and others). The energy crisis created a huge market demand for efficient management of all energy consumption, and legislative requirements also pushed companies to increase the efficiency of buildings and industrial production. At FLOWBOX, we know how to capitalize on this, having anticipated the market and developed technology for years that not only addresses the energy crisis but also meets regulatory requirements, ESG goals, and reduces the emissions footprint.

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