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We would like to get a general idea on which level of the maturity model your company fits. This will help us to improve the quality of evaluation of your results. When we ask about "energy" we mean electricity, gas, heat, water, coal, heating oil, etc.


In this section, we will try to find out where you stand in terms of collecting data on your consumption. We will work with the term "main metering", i.e. energy metering at the entrance to the building, which is usually carried out directly by your energy supplier. We will also work with the term "sub-metering", which represents additional meters installed by the consumer himself to measure sub-parts of the total consumption (e.g. how much electricity if consumed by the HVAC unit alone).


In this section we will try to see how you manage to understand your data and to analyse it automatically. We will work with the term INEFFICIENCY of energy consumption. That is the part of energy that you theoretically don't need to purchase/generate if your consumption is perfectly optimized. This can be a dynamic/temporary inefficiency (sub-optimal operation, random combination of multiple influences) or a stationary/system inefficiency (low machine efficiency, persistent sub-optimal power management).


In this section, we will take a look at what strategies you apply to optimize your energy consumption.

Automatic Control

In this section, we focus on the level of automation of energy management and efficiency.
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