Labe Aréna

As a part of this project, the FLOWBOX platform BMS5000 with custom parametrization was implemented in two locations the National Olympic Water Sports Center Račice Canal and the Štětí Multi Sport Complex.

Management of a multifunctional sports campus

As a part of this project, the FLOWBOX platform BMS5000 with custom parametrization was implemented in two locations the National Olympic Water Sports Center Račice Canal and the Štětí Multi Sport Complex.

Labe Aréna

The complex has been built as a training facility which serves mainly to a national and foreign team. Complex includes sport hall, a dock, fitness and common areas.

As specific equipment for top athletes, a unique active rowing and canoeing pool is being built. In this pool, a set of eight pumps with the power of 27 kW will propel water to simulate a canoe riding on the water surface.


At the beginning of the project, the investor was looking for a flexible system that would allow:

  • Optimal building operation - minimal operational cost
  • Heating, operation of air conditioning, lighting...
  • Automation of building administration
  • Readings of energy consumption of individual rooms (electricity, water, heat)
  • The possibility of invoicing energy to landlords according to actual use
  • Remote building management
  • Remote building control
  • Remote access control
  • Billing support system


The implementation of the FLOWBOX BMS5000 platform brought:

  • Readings of energy consumption in individual parts of the building, and central consumption
  • HVAC control
  • Connection with heat pumps and ventilation system
  • Training pool technology control
  • Controlled flooding of the training pool room in case of floods
  • Control tablets in the rooms
  • Lighting control
  • Access system - premises entrance and room activation (chip system, codes)
  • Data exports for invoicing (CSV)
  • CCTV integration, security system (EZS Paradox)

Energy consumption

Electric power

  • Central inlets (premises, heating pumps, pool technology)
  • Controlled rooms (gym, fitness, physiotherapy, common room)


  • Wells, central inlets, buildings


  • Controlled rooms (gym, fitness, physiotherapy, common room)

Information on room consumption according to actual use of the individual customer

Monthly report regarding energy use according to individual customer

Room control

  • Temperature, humidity, CO2 sensors
  • Continuous control of light intensity via DALI bus
  • Selected controlled outlets – for audio technology (amplifier), TV technology (TV, projector)
  • Smartcard readers for access control and individual authorization to individual facility
  • Control tablet in selected rooms
  • Controlled blinds
  • Unless the room is not activated by a chip key, it is not possible to control the room
  • Lights are off, controlled outlets are off, blinds according to program setting, temperature and ventilation system according to program setting

Access control

The room is activated after authorization of the user by a smartcard

The smartcards have different authorization

  • Length of room activation – e.g., Gold 90 minutes, Platinum 1 day …
  • Room temperature/ventilation profiles – e.g., Children, Adults, Aerobics profiles
  • Possibility to use audio/video technology – e.g., Silver profile cannot use TV, Gold can do
  • Blinds control – e.g., Silver can control the blinds only for 5 minutes after activating the room
  • Continuous lighting control – presetting after activating the room according to outdoor conditions

After deactivating the room (set time, chip card, premises security, remotely), the room shuts down according to set parameters/rules

Heating, cooling and ventilation

FLOWBOX is interconnected with heating and ventilation systems

Heating – cascade of 3 + 9 Daiki heat pumps

Ventilation system – 5 Atrea units

Heat generation – runs autonomously, FLOWBOX sets required parameters (temperatures, block…)

Heat supply – FLOWBOX controls directly the circulation pumps and radiator heads in the rooms according to required values (user profiles)

Ventilation system – ventilation units operate autonomously, their parameters are set by FLOWBOX (required temperatures, power…) according to required values (user profiles)

Security and CCTV

FLOWBOX integrates

  • Paradox EVO security system
  • Hikvision CCTV

Option to control security alarm zones remotely

Heating/ventilation control according to open windows/doors (windows are connected to security alarm system)

Automatic switch-off of rooms/lights after zone protection

Blinds control according to zone security

Integration of live camera previews for easy control of the building / room condition

Pool and trainers

FLOWBOX integrates

  • 8x Amaline 27 kW engine via ABB frequency converter
  • Water flow rate sensors

FLOWBOX sets required engine/frequency converter power

Calibration curves for power adjustment

  • Calibration of three motors within one channel
  • Right/left channel calibration
  • Required speed/required power calibration

Possibility to turn on trainers after card authorization

Flood management system

The premises are located near the Labe River in a floodplain

Pool technology – engines – are expensive and sensitive to dirt

In the event of a threat of flood water entering the pool room, the pool room is flooded in advance with clean water from two wells to prevent the inflow of dirty water

6 level sensors are installed and water from the wells is gradually let into the room to equalize the outdoor and indoor water levels

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