European companies overpay up to 50% more on energy bills. With FLOWBOX, however, they can now save hundreds of thousands every year.

How about saving hundreds of thousands of euros every year? This is the kind of energy savings that the award-winning startup FLOWBOX offers to companies of all sizes and segments. Its unique solution is suitable not only for large companies or municipalities, but also schools or residential buildings. How successful a company is with its energy management and what is the overall potential for savings can be easily indicated by the newly launched tool: the ENERGY MATURITY CALCULATOR.

Most companies do not know how to manage their energy properly


"The biggest barrier to savings for most companies is the lack of transparency and understanding of their current situation and the lack of knowledge of all the possibilities to manage their energy flows. We estimate that this is the case for nearly 90% of companies on the market," says Tomáš Rendla, the GM of FLOWBOX, and adds, "At FLOWBOX, we have a tool that will help companies understand how to manage energy properly, how to direct their energy flows in real time, and not overpay unnecessary amounts."


Online calculator for energy maturity assessment


"Energy management is a multidisciplinary field, requiring increasingly sophisticated data sets and analysis. That's why we have created a unique software platform, FLOWBOX, which is a de facto set of modular blocks for comprehensive energy management and optimization, making efficient energy and commodity management easy. For those who do not dare to implement or operate this system themselves, we offer the helping hand of energy experts. Today, we have also launched the online calculator for energy maturity assessment, which brings us one step closer to our clients," says Radek Fiala, energy expert at FLOWBOX.


Every company, commercial building or school can save money

Saving hundreds of thousands of euros every year? Such savings can be achieved by a shopping center, a production plant, or an elementary school in a district town, based on their energy consumption and the level of their energy maturity. All of which can be calculated in the online FLOWBOX CALCULATOR.

With this new online tool, managers of companies, production plants and municipal mayors can anonymously make a basic assessment and see where their operations are lacking in terms of efficiency and consumption. Using the calculator, the potential for improving energy management and costs reduction can be revealed immediately.


"Among our clients are large factories, automotive companies, real-estate buildings, glass and steelworks or entire municipalities and cities. For every single installation of our unique tool, we have been able to save the customer tens of percent in energy costs, which in larger plants is in the order of hundreds of thousands of euros per year.One of our first clients was the Czech engineering company BAUMRUK & BAUMRUK. We helped his industrial facility and production plant to reduce consumption by a full 34%. FLOWBOX's new Energy Maturity Calculator is free and will help a wide range of clients understand where they can improve their energy performance and how they can achieve significant savings and greater control over their energy," says Tomáš Rendla.

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