Energy-Efficient and Emission-Free Buildings: The Future According to New EU Standards

The European Parliament has approved a series of ambitious goals that are set to fundamentally change the face of construction in the EU. These steps aim to create a more sustainable environment with a smaller carbon footprint. Key objectives include:

  • Zero emissions for new buildings by 2030
  • Zero emissions for public buildings by 2028
  • Phasing out the use of fossil fuel boilers by 2040
  • A ban on subsidies for fossil fuel boilers from 2025

The Path to Emission-Free Buildings

The EU's long-term goal of achieving completely emission-free buildings by 2050 is associated with the gradual reduction of their energy intensity and maximizing the use of energy from renewable sources. The first steps on this path have already been taken with requirements for the construction of emission-free public buildings from 2028, which will subsequently affect the entire construction sector.

Energy Efficiency as the Key to Sustainability

Reducing the energy intensity of buildings means not only transitioning to more eco-friendly operations but also significant savings in operational costs. Systems like FLOWBOX offer comprehensive solutions for building energy management, enabling efficient operation and minimizing energy intensity.

Integration and Automation

By integrating various operational technologies - from heating to lighting - FLOWBOX can achieve up to 30% savings in costs and reduce the carbon footprint. Connection to photovoltaic power plants or battery storage contributes to energy self-sufficiency and further savings.

Healthy Indoor Environment

FLOWBOX ensures not only optimal energy operation but also a healthy indoor climate through CO2 monitoring and ventilation control. This brings not only savings but also a better working and living environment for building users.

Replacing the Building Management System (BMS)

If you are wondering where to start, one way could be to replace the existing BMS with a new, more modern, and comprehensive system that combines energy management with building optimization, BMS, and tools to meet ESG requirements.

Adopting new EU regulations on zero emissions and energy efficiency poses new challenges for the construction sector. FLOWBOX represents a comprehensive solution that allows buildings not only to meet these stringent standards but also to improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, and create a healthier environment for their inhabitants.

How do you manage energy in your building?
Fill out the online energy efficiency calculator in a few minutes and find out your energy sophistication and how much you can save annually on energy – FLOWBOX calculator↗

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