TOP 5 Trends in Energy Management for 2024

1. Shift towards Clean Energy

Global efforts to transition to clean energy are making significant progress, including record investments in renewable energy sources. This trend is influenced by both geopolitical and economic factors, including the conflict in Ukraine and instability in the Middle East.

FLOWBOX can integrate alternative energy sources, working with them within the energy system, autonomously. Our software takes into account the distribution of energies according to the operational needs or building requirements, aiming for maximum efficiency. Besides internal parameters, it is possible to connect external data sources as well - for example, real-time energy market prices or weather forecast data.

2. Community energy

Community energy today represents a transformative approach in the energy sector, focusing on local production, management, and consumption of energy. Driven by the principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency, community energy initiatives often involve the generation of renewable energy through solar panels, wind turbines, and small-scale hydroelectric systems.

Flowbox supports the development and construction of smart grid networks. It can connect entire villages and cities, ensuring autonomous energy management of the highest standards.

3. Efforts to Achieve Emission Goals

The topic of carbon footprint reduction will continue to resonate at the level of individual country governments and international organizations. Several global conferences are planned for 2024, such as the US Climate Action Summit 2024 in Washington, VERGE 24 in San Jose, and the UN conference (COP29) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

✅  The average carbon footprint reduction for FLOWBOX clients is 72%. Not only will you reduce your operating costs, but you will also meet sustainability and ESG goals. The Advisory team will guide you through the ESG issues that will increasingly affect all the companies.

4. Increasing Emphasis on Energy Security

In the context of geopolitical and economic pressures, there is an increasing emphasis on ensuring reliable and affordable access to energy. Emerging trends in digitalization go hand in hand with demands for cybersecurity and energy security.

With the comprehensive solution of FLOWBOX, you not only have access to a very detailed overview of all processes and energy flows at any time, but it also enables dynamic management and rapid responses to unpredictable events.

5. Energy and Technological Innovation

In 2024, technology and innovation will continue to play a key role in the transformation of the energy sector, especially in the areas of renewable energy integration, cybersecurity, and digitalization.

The FLOWBOX software is an acclaimed tool for the digitalization of the energy sector, used by over 300 clients worldwide. It is utilized across various sectors from industry, real estate, to municipalities and cities. FLOWBOX is synonymous with technological innovation in energy management.

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