Autonomous platform for energy and technology management

From entry package for monitoring and analysis, through the proactive management of energy flows, up to operations and reporting center for portfolio of production plant, buildings or microgrids.

Flowbox E2ERM | Edge-Energy Enterprise Resource Management

Flowbox E2ERM monitor – energy & enviro monitoring of onsite flows; real time reports; history & alerts in case of anomalies; possibility of dedicated IoT hotspot.

Flowbox E2ERM control – HVAC control; energy management; energy load control; reserved energy; alarms and actions in case of anomalies; proactive mitigations; autonomous proactive control of technologies based on internal data; cloud or on-premise installation with island operation.

Flowbox E2ERM – autonomous proactive control of technologies based on external data; support of ISO50001 certification.


Flowbox RESPONSI monitor – measurement of energy, gas, water and heat consumption; temperature & CO2 monitoring; analytics & alert.

Flowbox RESPONSI control – HVAC control, lighting & shading control; adaptation to weather; dynamic load management for EV chargers; optimization of operational costs.

Flowbox RESPONSI – support of multi-purpose complexes (residential, retails, offices); BMS & EMS in one solution; demand flexibility; ESG/GRESB performance, support of energy audits/certification (ISO50001, EPBD EU 2018/844); WEEL/LEED/BREEAM certification.

FLOWBOX FlexiGRID | Community energy and demand response

Flowbox FlexiGRID monitor – electricity, gas, water, heat monitoring and reporting; Inefficiencies analysis; Quick wins; carbon footprint reporting.

Flowbox FlexiGRID control – dynamic local control based on internal data; optimized HVAC, lighting, and microgrid operation.

Flowbox FlexiGRID – wider optimization and integration based on external inputs via APIs (weather, energy prices, ERP connection, asset mgmt., etc.); integration of microgrids, management of citizen energy communities.