Product packages for applications from vertical segments

From entry package for monitoring and analysis up to advanced management creating seamless ecosystems.

From heavy industry to food processing

MAN1000 – energy & enviro monitoring of onsite flows; real time reports; history & alerts in case of anomalies

MAN3000 – HVAC control; energy load control; demand response; alarms and actions in case of anomalies; proactive mitigations

MAN5000 – multi-hall multi-location energy optimization; advanced analytics & alerts with mitigations; preventive maintenance; federative architecture with self-sufficient sub-domains using Flowbox Alliance Gateways

MAN5500 – predictive maintenance for critical components based on ML and AI.

From mining & upstream to recasting & downstream

MOG1000 – oil/fuel monitoring in dump trucks; vehicle monitoring; midstream energy flows monitoring; analytics & alerts in case of anomalies; preventive maintenance triggers; field maintenance monitoring

MOG3000 – in preparation for 2021

MOG5000 – in preparation for 2021

Retail and office buildings, residential compounds and sports complexes

BMS1000 – measurement of energy, gas and heat consumption; temperature & CO2 monitoring; analytics & alert

BMS3000 – HVAC, lighting & shading control; adaptation to weather and weather forecast; integration of CCTV and access systems; optimization of operational costs

BMS5000 – support of multi-purpose complexes (residential, retails, offices), advanced analytics; multi-location support; lunch/prayer breaks; EV charging; self-sufficient sub-domains using Flowbox Alliance Gateways

Smart city with data shared with its citizens

SCG1000 – energy consumption monitoring; car parking metering; city waste monitoring; alerts for defined thresholds; CCTV integration; public info boards; analytics & reports

SCG3000 – biodynamic street lamp control; smart water irrigation; access control; energy optimization based on weather fluctuation

SCG5000 – integration of more sub-systems; advanced analytics; multi-location; lunch/prayer time optimization; federative architecture of self-sufficient sub-domains using Flowbox Alliance Gateways

From base station control to energy management of data centers

ICT1000 – diesel genset (fuel level and consumption) & access monitoring; monitoring of data center energy flows; history & alert in case of anomalies

ICT3000 – data center infrastructure control (HVAC, genset, UPS); base station microgrid (solar panels, genset) power sources management

ICT5000 – in preparation for 2021

Flowbox as a tool for control of energy distribution networks

ENE1000 – electricity, water, gas, heat & powerfuels energy carriers monitoring; measurements of qualitative parameters; use of public IoT networks or 4G; smart grids

ENE3000 – analytics, control & prediction of energy flows; control of compressor stations, transformers and pumping stations

ENE5000 – in preparation for 2021

Future is in green energy adoption

DER1000 – solar/wind/hydro power plant monitoring; onsite energy flows; history & alert in case of anomalies

DER3000 – power sources management; load control; demand response; adaptive control based on weather forecast and time patterns; advanced analytics & reporting

DER5000 – in preparation for 2021

Management and optimization of EV operations

EVM1000 – EV charge monitoring; analytics & alert; data for billing

EVM3000 – dynamic & adaptive load control; management of energy peaks & predictions; time patterns and user category profiles; interface to e-mobility service providers

EVM5000 – in preparation for 2021 (EV ops & microgrid as DER-grid edge)

For safe and healthy food

RAF1000 – food safety monitoring (HACCP); cold-chain monitoring (fish, meat); logging function for quality control and mandatory reporting

RAF3000 – control of cooling/heating for food processing and storage; control of retail space with food-specific regime

RAF5000 – in preparation for 2021

For health, wellness and research facilities

HEA1000 – pharmaceutics, vaccine, biological samples temperature monitoring; wellness environmental parameters monitoring

HEA3000 – control of optimal conditions for wellness/spa pools and rooms; control of technology-dependent steps in sample processing/pre-treatment in research labs

HEA5000 – in preparation for 2021

Wholesale IoT cloud for system integrators and ICT providers

IID1000 – IoT cloud for providers of 1000 series monitoring services; own branding; on-premise installation or hosting in Flowbox Cloud

IID3000 – digitalization platform Flowbox IID for large system integrators who wants to provide own branded IoT cloud monitoring services with basic control functions of 3000 series