Digitalization of a residential compound complex

Flowbox helped Corso Pod Lipami to connect the whole complex and its technologies into one interconnected unit. All technologies have their management and control and can operate autonomously. Flowbox works here as a superior control system, which oversees the operations and everyday operational decision-making capabilities of all systems. This made it possible to streamline the operation of the residential complex.

About client

Corso Pod Lipami is a complex of five new apartment buildings supplemented by the reconstruction of one of the original buildings. Forty privately owned apartments and commercially used premises, shops, restaurants, bar, offices, hotel, brewery and the surrounding areas associated with the residential complex such as the pedestrian zone, fountains and water tanks, public lighting and garages.

The project won the Architects Grand Prix – National Architecture Awards 2019.

  • A Residential complex before digitalization.
  • Z Efficient operation of the residential complex thanks to an autonomous control system “Flowbox BMS Manager” BMS5000.

The scope of works

  • Integrated access system, access by code, chip cards, mobile phones, control of locks from apartments, garage entrance doors, control of elevators.
  • Security camera CCTV system and electronic security system.
  • Measurement of energy consumption in real time for supervision and subsequent billing of costs (electricity, water, gas, heat).
  • Zone control of heating, air conditioning and heat recovery units.
  • Control of shading technology, blinds, shutters and awnings.
  • Control of interior and exterior lighting including biodynamic control of public lighting.
  • Control of operation of water fountains and water tanks.
  • Infrastructure of individual apartments ready for expansion to a ‘Smart Household’.
  • Infrastructure and connection of apartments to high-speed internet with the possibility of FTTH (Fiber to The Home) technology.
  • Virtual hotel Front Desk and remote hotel management, unattended access, the ability to remotely control access, ‘pre-heating’ and preparation of hotel rooms according to occupancy.
  • Control and unlimited access via mobile devices or PCs or tablets.

The buildings began to communicate with each other

A backbone optical infrastructure was created for TCP / IP communication between the individual buildings. All buildings have a central Flowbox server FBX6000 installed in a common server room.

Each building began to control its own technology.

A secondary Flowbox Alliance Gateway FBX5000 was installed in common house distribution systems of each individual building, serving technologies and peripherals of the house itself and providing integration and control of access, camera systems, building energy consumption measurement, control of elevators, entrance defrosting, gutters, roof drains, lighting control and more.

Supervision over each apartment.

A dedicated controller (PLC module) is installed in each apartment or commercial space, which connects all elements of measurement and control in individual rooms.

Flowbox increased operational efficiency of the residential complex thanks to the intelligent control of technologies.

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