FLOW – the ultimate 360º building digitalization solution

Be ahead with a unique proposition by Flowbox and Spaceflow

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Make your building smarter and offer new value-added services

The FLOW autonomously orchestrates data from a stand-alone systems, optimizes costs, and provides monetization platform with value-added services. You can monitor energy consumption, temperature, CO2, air quality, occupancy and more. Real-time data helps you to optimize your operations, efficiently use energy resources, reduce costs, and support you and your tenants in sustainability and wellness goals.

Introducing FLOW

FLOW combines Flowbox’s autonomous Building Digitalization Solution (BDS) and Spaceflow’s tenant experience application to enable better life in buildings. Integration of Spaceflow and Flowbox caters to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria and increases the attractivity of your properties.

Ensure your property meets international standards that support global sustainability demands. Stay at the forefront of progress and get your property ready today.

FLOW manages all stakeholders’ interests and turbocharges your real estate

FLOW delivers 360º building performance, acts as access point for all roles – owners, asset management, property/facility management, field workers, space representatives, tenants and occupiers, we’ve got you covered.

Lower your OPEX to maintain profitability margins

FLOW helps you to optimize building maintenance by detecting anomalies, eliminating human errors and performing AI/ML preventive & predictive maintenance. Robust architecture uses alliance edge gateways and edge microservices. Advanced big data analytics contribute to a reduction of outages, increase of equipment lifetime, and better energy efficiency. EPBD compliance could avoid mandatory inspections of heating/airco systems.


Features: Water, Electricity, Heat


Features: Temperature, CO2, Humidity


Features: Open door/window prevention; entrance intercom


Features: Meeting rooms, Parking, Hot-desks, Other amenities and facilities


Features: Parking guides, Billing/payment gateway; Shared parking; EV smart charging

Shape a sustainable future that suports your tenants

Governments, society and tenants increasingly put value on sustainable infrastructure. Be a role model, and support your company and tenants long term sustainability goals.

Be a differentiator

WELL, LEED and BREEAM certifications are the industry standards in ecological construction. With FLOW, you are one step closer to optimized ecological operations, while fulfilling the forthcoming EU Green Deal legislation requirements. Build your brand by supporting ecological development and promote a minimized environmental footprint.

Use community management to service tenants

Do you oversee tenant energy consumption and their satisfaction with the possibility to control property space conditions? With Spaceflow community management, you gain the power to positively impact tenant behaviors and help efficiently manage expectations.

Avoid the sick-building syndrome

Sick building causes are frequently pinned down to flaws in the HVAC systems. With constant monitoring of air quality, you’re helping to improve conditions for your occupiers. According to a Harvard University study, green office environments are linked to higher cognitive function scores.

“We have been ignoring the 90%. We spend 90% of our time indoors and 90% of the cost of a building are the occupants, yet indoor environmental quality and its impact on health and productivity are often an afterthought.”

Joseph Allen – Director of the Healthy Buildings Program, Harvard Center for Health and the Global Environment

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4 steps to FLOW integration

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  • Meeting with Flowbox or Spaceflow. Collection of initial data (key functional requirements, main in-building technologies).
  • Initial proposal with open points and comments, budgetary estimates. Adjustment of requirements, defining of timelines. Property owner commitment.
  • Feasibility study. Technical analysis of assets and review of in-building hardware. Detailed proposal (scope, budget).
  • Installation (on-premise or cloud), integration and initial parametrization of Flowbox and Spaceflow platforms. Handover and training.
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Be prepared for the future

The EU Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) with amendment (EU) 2018/844 introduces mandatory requirements for Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) in nonresidential buildings (existing and new) with effective rated output of over 290 kW by 2025. The BACS shall be capable:

  • Continuously monitoring, logging, analyzing and allowing for adjusting energy use
  • Benchmarking the building’s energy efficiency, detecting losses in efficiency of technical building systems, and informing the person responsible for the facilities or technical building management about opportunities for energy efficiency improvement
  • Allowing communication with connected technical building systems and other appliances inside the building, and being interoperable with technical building systems across different types of proprietary technologies, devices and manufacturers

Compliance verification requires to monitor and control at least 80 % of HVAC operations, and to maintain at least 80% of electrical consumption centrally monitored (or more).