FLOWBOX among the climate action solutions presented by the Solar Impulse Foundation to help decision-makers meet their climate goals post COP26

Prague, November 2nd 2021 – The Solar Impulse Foundation led by explorer and clean technology pioneer Bertrand Piccard offered to political and economic decision-makers 1000+ solutions that help them meet more ambitious climate targets without compromising economic growth. Among the prestigious list is FLOWBOX—a young, fast-growing Czech energy efficiency software company, which received recently the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label as proof of its high standards of profitability and sustainability.

“We are delighted that the FLOWBOX energy management platform is among the efficient and profitable environmental solutions that will be presented to decision makers at COP26. Energy efficiency is the workhorse of the clean energy world. It is the cheapest and fastest way to reduce our carbon footprint. Our intelligent autonomous optimization software is a tool for energy efficiency and resource demand response that will enable us to fight climate change efficiently and quickly in a matter of months”, notes FLOWBOX CEO Tomas Rendla.

“Within our portfolio of installations in buildings or industry, we uncover inefficient use of all types of energy, which ultimately not only leads to higher costs for building owners or operators, but the inefficiently consumed energy leads to an unnecessary CO2 emissions. Based on our experience, we can achieve higher energy efficiency of the production plants by 10-20 % reduction in energy consumption, while this reduction does not affect the users or production KPIs. In many cases, respective percentage of CO2 emission reduction is much higher than the actual saved costs. If we take into account the fact that energy consumption for heating and cooling accounts for approximately 50% of all energy consumed globally, then the 10-20% can significantly slow down the climate crisis. And the only clean energy is that which is not produced”, adds Tomas Rendla.



FLOWBOX provides solutions for digitalization of industry, buildings, and cities. By connecting operational technologies, FLOWBOX helps to optimize operations, increase energy efficiency, and reduce carbon footprint to meet net-zero aspiration. The platform can actively and autonomously manage, optimize operational technologies, and is able to provide demand flexibility for the smart grid. It is an hardware-agnostic system not tied to a specific hardware manufacturer. The robust hierarchical architecture utilizes edge computing and is optimized for mission-critical applications. The platform can be used as a tool for carbon footprint reduction, energy management certification, EU legislation compliance and GHG emission accounting and reporting.


About the Solar Impulse Foundation

The Solar Impulse Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by explorer and clean technology ambassador Bertrand Piccard. It identifies and promotes technological solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way. In April 2021, the Foundation achieved its first goal of finding 1,000 solutions to receive the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label; since then, the database has been growing continuously. The Foundation’s labeling process is the only evaluation available today that assesses the economic profitability of products and processes that protect the environment in the fields of water, energy, mobility, infrastructure, industry, and agriculture. It is awarded following a rigorous evaluation process carried out by a pool of independent Experts and based on verified standards covering the three main themes of feasibility, environmental impact, and profitability.