Looking back on 2019.

Energy monitoring – How to do it

If you need to connect any meter at the customers location to the FLOWBOX, click on the new page “Energy reading HOWTO” in the Knowledge base section. You will find photos and further information on which meter is connectable. We are updating the page with additional questions.

FLOWBOX WiFi node.

We have put together a description of our WiFi node. Detailed technical information and connection of FBN can be found here.

Software news

To date, the most current SW version is 3.10.3. A detailed list of changes can be found on docs (Technical – Changelog)

Parking sensors

It is possible to integrate parking sensors (currently Geospace SPOT LoRa sensors) into the FLOWBOX and to display the occupancy of individual parking spaces on an overview map as well as the occupancy of several car parks in the city.

VisionQ ElIoT.

We support the connection of a handheld electricity meter from billing electricity meters. You can use both LoRa and NB IoT versions. ElIoTa – visionq.cz/produkt/eliot-classic

Counting engine hours

Does your customer have an electricity meter connected to, for example, a heat pump or a CNC lathe and is interested in how long it runs and how many times a day it starts? The new function of meter components calculates and displays this – based on exceeding the set consumption level.

Two-factor authorization

You have the option to protect the user’s login with an additional code sent via e-mail, SMS or push message.

New components

  • VisionQ ElIoT.
  • VOC air pollution sensor (general analogue – 0-10V, 4-20mA.
  • Weekly value planner (e.g., for air conditioning performance planning).
  • Domat M560 / R560 – 8 analogue inputs (PT1000, 0-10V, 0-20mA, resistance).
  • ASSA ABLOY Aperio door system.
  • Geospace SPOT LoRa sensor (parking space).
  • Sensority waste sensor – waste bin fill-level sensor.


Other significant new features.

  • Multi-admin – the installation can have more system administrators with full rights.
  • Converting analogue values from Pt, Ni temperature sensors (e.g., from the Domat R560 module) to temperature.
  • Improvement in ElkoEP eLAN – hiding of insignificant error messages, immediate status update.
  • The graph of the course of the 1/4-hour maximum can directly display the current regulation status.
  • Possibility to move components to another realm – if nothing depends on the component (the system logic does not break), it is possible to move it to another realm.