System integration

For partners who implement our system solution, we offer the opportunity to cooperate by providing a flexible, open solution for building/premises energy management and end-customer asset management. The FLOWBOX system allows us to offer a comprehensive solution and also services to a wide array of customers: from production factories to office buildings on to individual apartment or home units.

Thanks to the scalability, modularity and flexibility of the FLOWBOX platform, individual end-customers can combine services and manage them remotely.

As concerns individual locales, that is the domains of end-customers, the FLOWBOX system enables the installation and integration of the following components:

  • monitoring and management of energy consumption;
  • heating system management;
  • air conditioning and air control systems management;
  • automated lighting management;
  • management and supervision of production technologies;
  • management of own energy sources like FVE, cogeneration units or battery servers.

In addition to its energy management framework, the FLOWBOX platform also offers the following integration:

  • camera and security system;
  • worker arrival system;
  • monitoring consumption of further raw materials used in manufacturing/production or technological processes;
  • energy audit (ISO 50001);
  • interface for remote management or views via web interface, or applications for iOS and Android;
  • configuration of own alarms or notifications on production statuses;
  • predictive maintenance;
  • direct management of individual machines and technologies.

Implementing the FLOWBOX platform in a customer portfolio allows us to strengthen bonds with customers and optimize our service offer. Knowledge of the status of customer systems and statistical data enables mainly the following:

  • sorting out problems with customer systems;
  • prevention of failures;
  • efficiently satisfy momentary customer needs;
  • sensible configuration, i.e. use of dynamic fee rates, etc.;
  • use data on usage for prediction of energy consumption.

The FLOWBOX system looks to become a follow-up component of successful Smart Grid projects and thereby support a successful transfer to new, more efficient and cleaner energy.

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