Retail chains, services

For customers operating retail chains or offering their services from multiple sites, we offer a smart system for energy management and also a platform for integration of branch offices/branches into a single system for management and supervision.

At the level for management of individual buildings, the FLOWBOX platform integrates the following energy management functions:

  • monitoring and management of energy consumption/usage;
  • heating monitoring and management;
  • air-conditioning and air-control technology management;
  • lighting management;
  • management and integration of one’s own energy sources like solar farms, cogeneration units or battery servers;
  • management and supervision of further specific technologies and devices.

Beyond the scope of energy management, the FLOWBOX system offers further functions:

  • integration of camera and security systems;
  • integration of clock-in systems.

For organizations managing multiple buildings/properties or housing/building units, the FLOWBOX system offers the following:

  • remote and local access for admins using a secure connection via PC or smartphone app running on the iOS or Android platforms;
  • physical connection of individual devices using a local network, an IoT network (Sigfox, LTE-M, LoRa,...) or the internet;
  • monitoring and checking functions;
  • local storage of historical data and overviews thereof;
  • managerial overviews, analyses, reports;
  • notifications of local disruptions, options for configuration of one’s own alarms for specific production statuses;
  • interface for integration or connection to third-party software.

Implementation of the FLOWBOX platform in buildings or property portfolios results in a unified, transparent system that reduces building operating costs and affords maximum simplification for management and supervision of the entire chain as a whole, as well as for individual branches.

Case Study: Retail Chains/Services

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