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We offer cities, townships and segments of the public administration an intelligent, efficient system for centralization and energy management. The FLOWBOX system allows for full automation of building management, optimization of the functioning of city-managed buildings using active management, integration of "smart city" functions, etc. It also allows for simplified control of operating and energy costs.

At the level for management of individual buildings, the FLOWBOX platform includes the following energy management functions:

  • monitoring and management of energy consumption and water usage;
  • temperature monitoring and heating management;
  • air-conditioning and air-control technology management, including recovery units;
  • lighting management;
  • management and integration of one’s own energy sources like solar farms, cogeneration units or battery servers;
  • management of swimming pool technologies, etc.

Beyond the scope of energy management, the FLOWBOX system offers further functions and their integration:

  • camera and security systems;
  • clock-in systems;
  • applications for management of parking, transport, waste management, etc.

For organizations managing multiple property portfolios, the FLOWBOX system offers the following:

  • local access for individual users;
  • remote and local access for admins using a secure connection via PC or smartphone app running on the iOS or Android platforms;
  • monitoring and checking functions;
  • local storage of historical data and overviews thereof;
  • notifications of local disruptions, options for configuration of one’s own alarms for specific production statuses;
  • simplification of energy audits;
  • interface for integration or connection to third-party software.

Implementation of the FLOWBOX platform in city/township building or property portfolios results in a system that reduces building operating costs and simplifies management and supervision of properties to a maximum degree.

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