Contains all available Flowbox functionalities including complete control and steering, full automation of operation, integrates third party systems (cogeneration, battery systems, fve, charging stations, manufacturing machines ...)

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Basic measurement of power consumption or supply (P +, tariff)
Advanced measurement of power consumption or power supply (U1,2,3,I1,2,3, P+, P-,Q+,Q-, S+, S-, cos φ, ThX..)
Measurement and analysis of the technical maximum
Measurement of water consumption
Measurement of gas consumption
Measurement of heat consumption
Measurement of technical gases consumption (hydrogen, nitrogen ...)
Measurement of steam consumption
Measurement of compressed air consumption
Virtual measurement of energy consumption or supply
Weight and volume measurement
Flow measurement
DC voltage and electricity measurement (battery systems, energy storage)
Measurement of device usage
Measurement of maintenance productivity
Surface level measurement
Measurement of physical quantities - temperature
Measurement of physical quantities - humidity
Measurement of physical quantities - CO2
Measurement of physical quantities - lightness
Measurement of physical quantities - pressure
Measurement of physical quantities - differential pressure
Measurement of physical quantities - dew point
Measurement of weather conditions - tempertature
Measurement of weather conditions - humidity
Measurement of weather conditions - exposure
Measurement of weather conditions - air pressure
Measurement of weather conditions - rain
Measurement of weather conditions - dew point
Measurement of weather conditions - wind speed and direction
Measurement of weather conditions - air quality


Security - motion sensors
Security - smoke detectors
Security - door and window sensors
Security - Access system sensors, authorization and movement of persons
Security - Virtual Electronical security system
Security - 3rd Party ESS / Jablotron and Paradox /
Security - CCTV surveillance system


Analytics - Historical records, time and cumulative overviews
Analytics - sankey diagram
Analytics - heatmap
Analytics - correlation graphs
Analytics - comparison of the period
Analytics - variable data aggregation
Analytics - data exports to xls, csv, pdf, jpg, png, svg
Analytics - automatical reporting (e-mail, FTP etc.)
Analytics - Predicting the use of technical maximum in real time
Analytics - preventive maintenance, anomalies
Analytics - Machine learning and predictive maintenance
Analytics - weather forecast
Orders - cost analysis based on orders
Orders - bill distribution per registered user in the room (chip)
Analytics – Floor plans


Surveillance - variable value monitoring, alarm states
Surveillance - Notification of Critical Events - SMS, E-MAIL, PUSHOVER
Surveillance - Overview panel
Surveillance - map data, geolocations
Surveillance - Integration of Third Party Portals (e-g.ČEZ PND)
Surveillance - remote dispatching 24/7
Surveillance - embedded 3rd party application panel
Surveillance - files archive (certificates, measuring protocols, etc.)
Surveillance - carousel


Steering - option of different variables
Steering - Sensor data aggregation (min, max, average, count, delta)
Steering HVAC, climatic conditions
Steering MaR systems
Steering - variable equithermal regulation
Steering - variable PID regulation
Steering - two-state regulation
Steering - analogue control (0/1-5/10V, 0/4-20mA)
Steering - PWM regulation
Steering - variable logical conditions
Steering of access
Steering of security
Steering of lighting - digital, analogue
Steering of technologies - AC / EC motors, frequency converters (compressors, residual heat extraction, welding gas extraction, electric fans, destratifier, infrared heaters, recuperators, cogeneration, etc.)
Steering – conditional trigger IF/ELSE
Steering - switching clock
Steering - group management
Steering of systems by registered user in the room (chip)


3rd party portals integration
Support of IoT networks sensor elements - SIGFOX, LoRa, NB-IoT
2n - access and door systems
SIP VoIP, Grandstream
ESP wifi nodes
FVE - FRONIUS inverters
Heat pumps DAIKIN, NIBE
Cogenerations TEDOM CENTO
Sludge pumps WILO
Web relay
TP-LINK wifi plugs, controlled sockets
Open HAB
IQRF nodes
INELS - energy consumption measurement
Custom data import from CSV
Custom data import from MS SQL
Ability to log users from third-party portals


Users - Variable User Permissions
Users - Variable User Dashboard
Manual input of values


On-premise cloud
Close Cloud
Public cloud

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