Manufacturing companies

We offer the realization and implementation of energy management systems for manufacturing companies. Management of energy usage and optimization of operations per energy needs, while using the FLOWBOX system, helps save costs on production and enables more efficient supervision of operations.

FLOWBOX allows for the installation and integration of the following components:

  • predictive and dynamic management of energy consumption;
  • measurement of qualitative parameters for electricity supplies;
  • monitoring and optimization of consumption of other energy (types);
  • heating system management;
  • air conditioning and air control technology management, including heat recovery units;
  • automatic lighting management;
  • management and/or supervision of production technologies; this, in most cases, where individual sub-systems are run independently via an existing management system from another supplier;
  • management of own energy sources such as photovoltaic power plants, backup energy sources and battery storages.

Beyond the energy management solution framework, FLOWBOX offers the following integrations:

  • camera and security system;
  • worker arrival (clock-in) system;
  • monitoring of consumption of other raw materials for production or technological processes (i.e. consumption of technical gases for welding, etc.);
  • data for energy audit (ISO 50 001);
  • predictive maintenance.

For admins and lead workers, we offer a FLOWBOX system interface for manipulating the system or for a passive, informative overview via webpage, or via applications running on the iOS or Android platforms. The FLOWBOX system interface also enables users to configure their own alarms and notifications for select production statuses.

Implementation of the FLOWBOX platform in a manufacturing company results in robust system that reduces operational costs and does the maximum to simplify administration and supervision of the production process.

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