Manufacturing Facility

The company’s main business is machine manufacturing consisting primarily of machining, laser cutting and welding of high-quality parts for transportation and industry for foreign wholesalers. The company's daily consumption exceeds 3MWh. Its production team employs approximately 80 people; the company currently uses space in its two production halls. It launched operations in a third production hall at the start of 2018.

Key customer needs prior to implementing FLOWBOX:

  • measurement of energy consumption and appliance operations;
  • centralized supervision and fully-integrated operations management;
  • options for control of individual devices;
  • resolution of unauthorized worker interventions via more detailed regulations.

Further customer requirements:

  • unified, user-friendly system for energy usage;
  • fully-automated operations;
  • achievement of maximum efficiency for energy usage;
  • supervision and notifications in case of anomalous states or failures;
  • clear savings on energy costs and resolution of operating problems;
  • predictive maintenance options;
  • time savings.

Solution Description:

As part of the implementation of the FLOWBOX system for manufacturing operations at Baumruk & Baumruk, we installed over 250 sensors, over 200 end-peripherals and actuators for existing devices. The resulting integration of technology and aggregation of management processes consisted of interconnected processes: measurement, analyses, predictions, optimization and management.

Individual, integrated subsystems include the following:

  • monitoring of electricity usage, including monitoring of supply quality;
  • active management of quarter-hour maximum electricity consumption;
  • measurement and predictions of external weather conditions;
  • measurement of internal conditions: temperature, humidity, dew point, CO2 concentration;
  • air-control technology management, including removal of technical gases when welding;
  • heating integration and management systems (boilers, gas heaters, infrared heaters);
  • management and monitoring of compressor station (5 compressors)
  • lighting management with continuous aperture regulation.

In addition to the above-mentioned subsystems and individual devices, it is possible for users to create alarms and relationships using logical functions that further allow lead workers to save time and minimize risk of failure and worksite accidents.

Savings and Project ROI:

Quantification of savings achieved from this specific implementation reached 37% (see graph below).

Project ROI is then under four years.

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